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We are happy that you want to come to Poland and start your learning adventure in a Polish school or university.  It is a very important decision, which will undoubtedly bring you a lot of satisfaction connected with receiving good education, and better insight into the culture and language of the country where you wish to live.

We would like to help you achieve this goal and share our knowledge and experience in educating multinational and multicultural youth.  We are teachers and class tutors in a secondary boarding school located in Warsaw. Nowadays there are over one hundred thirty pupils studying at our school, from eight countries in Europe and Asia. Majority of pupils come from Ukraine, then Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia.

Day by day we assist our youngsters in acquiring new skills and knowledge, developing their talents, interests, and support them in learning the practicalities of Polish language. We support overcoming cultural barriers, integration of peer groups as well as assimilation to the new country conditions. We have had over a dozen years of experience, which we would like to share with you and your parents.

This guidebook has been created to provide you with the most useful and practical tips, connected with starting your stay and education in our country.  We hope you will find it valuable and helpful.

This Guide for teenagers from the East who wish to study in Poland was created during the 'Similarities in variety.  Media education of Migrant Teenagers from Multicultural Backgrounds' project, conducted by Foundation For Polish Community in Warsaw together with John Paul II Gymnasium in Vilnius. It is financed by European Union Erasmus+.

A series of  international workshops and meetings has been attended by pupils of a Vilnius Gymnasium and pupils from  Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia who go Polonia High School in Warsaw and who are looked after by the Foundation For Polish Community.

Participants of the project are multicultural personalities interacting with one another; they are citizens of many different countries with various traditions, upbringing and systems of education. Thus the young learn to be open and tolerant by exchanging what is valuable in their cultures.

Multitude of stances, native languages, religious traditions make it necessary to modify the school curriculum in order to account for and make use of our pupils' cultural diversity.  Another feature of the project is making the youngsters from the East aware of  the rules prevalent in Poland and the European Union in such a way that they obey them and are able to function easily in both their professional and citizen life.

Enjoy the read!

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logo Erasmus"Similarities in variety. Media education of Migrant Teenagers from Multicultural Background" project is financed by the European Union as part of the Erasmus+ programme.