How to teach teenagers from the East

Methods of working with a pupil with weak command of the Polish language and presentation of the results of the project were the main points of the conference for teachers and tutors organised by Foundation For Polish Community.

On 27 February 2017 a conference entitled "How to teach teenagers from the East" was held in the conference-training centre at Bobrowiecka 9 in Warsaw. Headteachers and teachers from the schools in Latvia and Poland shared their experience of teaching multicultural youth and the project "Similarities in variety".

The conference was a means of presenting educational methods and upbringing of the Polish teenagers of Eastern Earopean and Asian origins, especially with pupils of poor language skills.  The speeches were given by teachers who have been successfully teaching such youth for many years in St. Stanislav Kostka High School in Warsaw.  Experience of teaching Polish language and culture outside of Poland was presented by the Headteacher of the Vilnius school.  The conference was accompanied by a presentatio and song concert by the teenagers from the Vilnius school.

Among the partiocipants there also were teachers from other Polish schools who - due to the influx of people born in the east of Poland - are beginning or plan to educate pupils coming from different cultural regions and different educational systems.

During the event, representatives of Foundation For Polish Community summed up the nine-month effects of the project "Similarities in Variety. Media education of migrant teenagers coming from multicultural backgrounds."  The workshops, meetings and exchanges had been attended by the Vilnius school on one hand and the pupils overseen by For Polonia Foundation on the other: born in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekhistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia.

The idea of the project was establishment of media clubs; it was preceded by language-culture and journalism workshops.A selected group of young people who were especially keen on electronic and traditional media, after a club was established,  continued acquiring new skills by writing texts, shooting films and taking photographs. Thus they shared their interests with their school friends and thanks to the website also with their peers in other countries.


logo ErasmusThe project "Similarities in Variety" has been conducted by Foundation For Polish Community in Warsaw in strategic partnership with John Paul II Gimnasium in Vilnius, and has been co-financed by the EU Programme Erasmus+.


The publications made within the "Similarities in Variety" project are available on social website, which is also one of the results of this project.  The site features presentations and speeches of the conference "How to teach teenagers from the East".

Jacek Strzalkowski
Project coordinator

(photo by: Tomasz Frąckiewicz)