lRules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the Youth Media Clubs site


1. The site has address and is provided in the Internet by the Foundation For Polish Community, seated in Warsaw, at Bobrowiecka 9 str., with the Internet address

2. The site has been established in connection with the project "Similarities in variety. Media education of Migrant Teenagers from Multicultural Backgrounds", financed by the EU Erasmus+.

3. You can use the site after creating and individual user's account.

4. On this site, as its user, you can join a selected media club and are then able to upload your own journalistic posts, photos, presentations, films and audio files.

5. Using all materials ( including e-learning, seminars) on the site is free of charge. Any publishing of the materials outside of the site requires quoting the author and source.

6. There are three roles at the site:

  • Administrator - with access to all posts and settings;
  • Editor - an experienced teacher, tutor, who looks after a group of journalists from a media club; may oversee the posts of the club members; may also prepare scripts for the e-learning site.
  • Journalist - a member of a media club, a pupil who makes own posts at their account.

7. To establish and individual journalist's account, you need to select the club you wish to join in the section "Medials/Youth clubs" and click on the section <Sign in!>. Then specify your name, address, e-mail address, and then type the anti-spam captcha text and click <Register to the club>.  A registration confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address providing you with a login password. From then on you are a member of the Medials community!

8. After registering you can log in, providing your e-mail address and the password received, and start using the site.

9. Accounts for Editors are created by the Admin. If any schools, associations or informal groups of teenagers are interested in joining the Medials, please contact the Admin to create the club on our site.

10. The name and surname, as well as a photo (if uploaded), given in the registration process will be visible on the site.

11. The e-mail address used in the registration will not be visible to third parties and will only be used to pass on the information about the site;  it will be used in case of recovering the forgotten password.

12. If you forgot your password, it can easily be regained. On the log-in page there is a button <recover the password>  to be clicked.  You should follow the instructions:

  • give the e-mail address provided in the registration process,
  • at the e-mail address you will receive a special link to take you to a page where you type in a new password,
  • then you can log in to the system with the new password.

13. All users of the site are obliged to follow the Rules and Regulations and the Polish law.  It is especially prohibited to post any illegal, offensive, rude materials, or anything antisocial.

14. If a user violates the Rules and Regulations, the Polish law or rules of conduct and good manners, the Admin is entitled to delete the user's account.

15. The users are responsible for the materials on their individual accounts and for obeying copyrights laws when making posts on the site.

16. The texts on the site are private opinions of the authors and are not representative of those of the European Union, Erasmus+ National Agency, Foundation For Polish Community, or the John Paul II Gymnasium.

17. Foundation For Polish Community is not responsible for any damages resulting from improper usage of the site by its individual members.

18. Foundation For Polish Community reserves the right to introduce changes to the Rules and Regulations of the Site, which will the moment of their posting on the site


Date of the Regulations update: 7 December, 2016.