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Join the young journalists' community in the youth clubs.  Develop your skills and meet new friends.  Publish texts, post photo galleries, and films.  Build youth media clubs with us. It is so easy and gives so much fun and satisfaction.

Warsztaty medialne w Warszawie (foto J. Strzałkowski)


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logo ErasmusFoundation For Polish Community together with a Lithuanian partner - John Paul II Gymnasium in Vilnius is conducting a project "Similarities in variety. Media education of Migrant Teenagers from Multicultural Background", financed by the European Union programme Erasmus+.

The project concerns media education of young migrant people, coming from multicultural background form the east.

A series of international workshops and meetings has been attended by pupils of a Vilnius Gymnasium and pupils from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia who go to Liceum Polonijne in Warsaw and who are looked after by the For Polonia Foundation.

The point of the project is to set up Young people's Media Clubs preceded by language and media workshops. A group of selected youngsters who are especially interested in the media, after a club is established , will continue learning new skills and share them with their classmates.