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The Site's roles Wszyscy

There are three roles at the medialni.net site:

Administrator - with access to all posts and settings,

Editor - an experienced teacher, tutor, who looks after a group of journalists from a media club; may oversee the posts of the club members; may also prepare scripts for the e-learning site,

Journalist - a member of a media club, a pupil who makes own posts at their account.


How to log into the system? Wszyscy

You may log into the system at the address:


Logging in is possible only for registered users, i.e. users who have an account established by the Admin or for journalists who  have been approved by individual club's Editors.


Forgotten password Wszyscy

Your forgotten password may easily be recovered. Under the log-in form there is a link to recover the password. You should follow the instructions:

Type in the e-mail address which you provided in the registration process.

At the e-mail address, you will receive a special link taking you to the site where you establish a new password.

At this point you are able to log in using the newly-created password.